Public Outreach

A fundamental role of researchers in all fields is to communicate science to the people. Communication is instrumental for changes to happen. So don’t expect to see a change if you do not make one.

As members of the scientific community, we have an incredible opportunity to contribute to the dialogue with lay people about mental and physical health. When we will reduce the major stigma around mental illness, our lives will be healthier and happier.
Toward this goal, I would like to recognize that animal research has been key to progress in biomedical science and to defeat human and animal illnesses. In fact, although studies that do not use animals can produce valuable information, they often cannot replace the one gained from animal research.
Animal research saves lives!

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” (Ghandi)

Overarching goals

  • De-stigmatize mental health:
    talk openly about mental health 
    -encourage equality between mental and physical illness
    -show compassion for mentally ill patients
    -choose empowerment over shame and blame
  • Encourage equity and inclusion in our micro-environments to build creativity and innovation
  • Promote the understanding and the support of biomedical research  

  Miriam’s main public outreach activities: 

  • 2021: Coauthored the book entitled “Fumo. Tabacco, sigarette elettroniche, cannabis: il parere della scienza” for the collection “SALUTE – LE FRONTIERE DELLA MEDICINA” edited by Il Corriere della Sera.
  • 2020-2021: Member of the organizing committee for the dissemination of the history of medicine in Sardinia in the middle and high schools through the project “Alla scoperta dei padri della Medicina in Sardegna”
  • 2019: GRC Power Hour™ to address the challenges women face in STEM and the issues of diversity and inclusion at the GRC on Cannabinoid Functions in the CNS (held in Castelldefels, Spain, from July 21-26).
  • 2018- present: Dissemination sessions during European Researchers’ night in Cagliari on the following topics “Cannabis and the brain: instructions for use” and “How the environment shapes our brain”
  • 2018- present: Collaboration with Crea on their projects CLab and The Shifters 
  • 2018: Invited lecturer at Nishi School (elementary and middle school) on “Perspectives on Science” and at the session “The Front Line of Research into Gender-Specific Science” on 20/10/2018 in Miyazaki (Japan). (see at link)
  • 2018: Invited lecturer at “Women in Science” (“La scienza si tinge di rosa”) Liceo Classico Siotto (24/3/2018)
  • 2016: Invited lecturer at the event on Cyberbullying entitled “Specchio Specchio delle mie Brame … mai più bulli nel mio reame” (Cineteatro Mutua on 18/3/2016).
  • 2015: Invited lecturer at the event “Letture e Visioni” on the how alcohol abuse is common in high school in Oristano (17/4/2015).  
  • 2013- present: lecturing about “the brain, how it works and how to take care of it” with a focus on mental illness and the effects of adversities (e.g., bullying and experimentation with drugs of abuse) in public schools: elementary, middle and high schools. The goal is to explain how the brain works and the risk and protective factors for a healthy brain (see at link).