This page is devoted to the people making the research possible.
I value and encourage rigor, respect, creativity, kindness, hard-work, positive attitude, motivation and sense of humor. These traits allow our team to be inclusive and diverse, and result in both a safe workplace and an exceptional teamwork.
Nobody wins alone!  

Team members

Winter 2023: left-to-right, Samuele, Benedetta, Valeria, Miriam, Sonia, Giorgia, Misia.
Fall 2022: left-to-right, Alessia, Matilde, Miriam, Colleen, Valeria, Sonia, Mara.
February 2022- Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022: left-to-right, Kylie, Miriam, Mara, Valeria and Sonia. #speedupthechange #breakthebias
April 2021: left-to-right sitting are Valeria, Sonia and Miriam.
Francesco is on his knees in the back.

Former Group members

  • Roberto Frau, PhD
  • Claudia Sagheddu, PhD
  • Francesco Traccis, MD
  • Francesca Mura, BSc
  • Mara Mancosu, BSc
  • Alessia Sanna, BSc
  • Matilde Loddo, BSc
  • Misia Lobina BSc
Miriam’s neurotree
Sharper Night 2022- Notte Europea dei Ricercatori- Talk: Valeria
Sharper Night 2019-Notte Europea dei Ricercatori- Quattro chiacchere con i ricercatori: Francesco
May 2019-out for pizza with Anto Bonci. Clockwise: Valeria, Anto, Michele                       
Sharper Night 2018-Notte Europea dei Ricercatori- Quattro chiacchere con i ricercatori: Valeria

Visiting Scientists

  • Hui-Chen Lu, PhD, Director and Chair Linda and Jack Gill Center for Biomolecular Science, Professor of Dept. of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington (IN, USA) (05/2024)
  • François Georges, PhD, Chef d’equipe from Institut des Maladies Neurodégénératives, Bordeaux Neurocampus (France) (4/2024)
  • Marcello Solinas, PhD, Chef d’equipe from University of Poitiers (France) (4/2024)
  • Colleen Peterson, PhD candidate (Borgland’s lab) from Univeristy of Calgary (Canada) (10/2022)
  • Joseph FR Cheer, PhD, Professor from University of Maryland (USA) (9/2022)
  • Hui-Chen Lu, PhD, Professor from Indiana University Bloomington (USA) (5/2022)
  • Ken Mackie, MD, Distinguished Professors Indiana University Bloomington (USA) (5/2022)
  • Migle Kaminskaite, MD, PhD (ERASMUS plus) from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (6-7/2021)
  • Maud Martinat, PhD candidate (Laye’s lab) from INRAE/ Nutrineuro- Bordeaux Univ (FR) (9-10/2019)
  • Raquel Heras de Gomez, PhD, Professor from Universidad Complutense Madrid (ES) (5-7/2019)
  • Chloe Jordan, PhD, from National Institute of Drugs of Abuse (USA)(5/2019)
  • Olivier Manzoni, PhD, Professor from Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée (INMED), Marseille (FR) (4-5/2018)
  • Yousef Baghcheghi, PhD candidate from Mashhad University (Iran) (10/2017-4/2018)
  • Benjamin (Beni) Barti, PhD candidate (Katona’s lab) from KOKI HAS, Budapest (HU)(1/2018)
  • Istvàn Katona, PhD, Professor from Institute of Experimental Medicine (KOKI), Hungarian Academy of Science (HAS), Budapest (6-7/2017 and 8/2018), currently at Indiana University Bloomington.
Istvàn Katona during his VP (2017)
Yousef during his visit (2017/18)
Beni Barti during his visit (1/2018)
Out for drinks with Olivier: clockwise Claudia, Olivier, Miriam, Michele and Mauro (4/2018)
Olivier Manzoni during his VP (2018)
Drs Manzoni and Chavis with Prof. Riva and Loy at the Susini’s Wax Anatomical Museum

Celebrating our Nature Neuroscience paper (06/8/2019): left-to-right, Vivien Miczàn, Roberto Frau, Istvàn Katona, Miriam.

Migle Kaminskaite during her ERASMUS PLUS visit (6-7/2021)
Hui-Chen Lu and Ken Mackie during their visit (5/2022)
Sharper Night 2022- Joe Cheer participating to the event during his staying (9/22)
Colleen Peterson (10/2022)
Drs Solinas and Georges during their VP and visit, respectively (April 2024)